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On World EV Day, CEO calls for action to achieve EV dream

Action must be taken now to speed up the creation of an electric vehicle (EV) charging network, to unlock the power of EVs and help meet the UK’s net zero targets.

That’s the message from WPD Chief Executive Phil Swift to mark World EV Day (9 September).

Phil said: “The increasing demand for EVs already demonstrates the need for a far more extensive vehicle charging infrastructure.

“This must cater for and support all customers – including those who live or work in rural communities or who have no access to off street parking. To ensure that this transition continues apace and that no one is left behind, government and industry must work together to facilitate the building of a network of charging across the country – and fast.”

While the fight against Covid-19 remains a priority, Phil insists we can’t ignore the other huge challenge facing the planet – the fight against global warming.

He’s calling for an end to delays in delivering the EV infrastructure, which will play a key part in cutting transport emissions. The number of electric cars in WPD’s area could reach 3m by 2030 with an estimated 10m by 2040.

Phil said: “We must be ready to adapt. Our current scenario modelling predicts that the number of EV charge points required on our network will rise from the 14,000 already installed to more than 200,000 in the next few years.

“We have a clear policy from the government and we need to find quick solutions to get on and create the capacity required. If we continue to hesitate, then a lack of charging infrastructure will become the biggest barrier to the EV revolution and could result in a delay in the transition away from traditional petrol and diesel vehicles.”

At WPD, we’re working hard to ensure the electrical capacity is available for everyone who wants an EV charger. Our innovation projects and reinforcement works are already creating solutions which allow many more chargers to be connected across our network.

Projects such as Electric Nation, Electric Nation – Powered Up, and Take Charge are helping us to develop greater insights into how EV charging can work in homes, public places and in delivering a smarter, greener electricity network.

Phil concludes: “Industry must work closely with government to make some critical economic and commercial decisions to realise the vision for an EV future. Consumers, too, are faced with decisions, most importantly when to make a choice in favour of an EV.

“The UK still has a long way to go in achieving its net zero ambitions. At WPD, we’ve helped to make some fantastic first steps and will continue to work with government and industry to tackle this challenge. But more has to be done. While combating coronavirus must take precedence, we must not lose sight of the net zero goal, as climate change still remains the gravest threat of all to future generations.”

Visit our EV page to find out more about our electric vehicle projects and our commitment to an EV future.

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