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Penzance investment project to boost network reliability

A £195,000 project to replace underground low voltage cable is taking place in Penzance, Cornwall.

WPD engineer working on cables underground

Since February, the Redruth teams have been working to replace approximately 1,500 meters of underground cable to improve reliability of low voltage supplies in the area.

The works will benefit 387 customers across two distribution substations in the area, but it hasn’t been without its challenges. Team manager Andrew Stark explains: “The work is in a narrow residential area with limited parking. We have large amounts of trench open at a time, so it does create logistical challenges. We need to maintain access for the properties during the excavations, while managing the spoil and pedestrian walkways, as the area is mostly narrow residential streets."

We are also working with customers (a large number of which are on our Priority Services Register) to transfer services with minimal impact. This was done by a mixture of door-knocking (pre-covid), emails, text messages and postal leaflets and letters.

The replacement of the low voltage underground cables will further secure the reliability of supplies in the area and future-proof the network as we see the introduction of EVs and low carbon technologies.

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