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Safety first for firework celebrations

Bonfire and firework parties can be exciting – but may also be dangerous, if not planned properly.

When organising a bonfire or fireworks – whether it’s a large scale public event or a gathering for a few friends in the back garden - it’s important follow a few simple steps to keep everyone safe.
Bonfires and fireworks should be kept well away from power lines and substations at all times, to avoid contact with electricity. On a windy night, flames and sparks can easily be blown onto overhead power lines, and may result in power cuts or power surges.
Organisers may also find it useful to plan their bonfire party in daylight to ensure that the night’s activities will be taking place at a safe distance from any electrical hazards.
Many people are also unaware that electricity can jump gaps, causing injury and even death, which is why it’s always a good idea to keep a safe distance from electrical equipment. 

Eddie Cochrane, WPD safety adviser, said: “We know that lots of people are experienced at planning bonfire parties and firework events but it is always worth reminding ourselves of the safety guidelines. By keeping a safe distance from electrical equipment, we can help to reduce the dangers and make sure everyone has a night to remember for the right reasons.”

Top tips to stay safe when planning a bonfire or fireworks event:

Keep bonfires and fireworks away from power lines and substations. Never light bonfires under, or close to, power lines.
Plan your bonfire in daylight and away from electrical hazards.
Electricity can jump gaps – so keep a safe distance from electrical hazards.
Look out, look up – and enjoy the show!

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