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Saving electricity = Saving money

Western Power Distribution (WPD)is looking for fifteen businesses to take part in a trial to investigate how changes in businesses electricity use can help reduce the impact on Milton Keynes’ electricity network and the environment.

The initiative is part of WPD’s Project FALCON, which looks to find energy efficient and environmentally friendly solutions to meet the future energy needs in Milton Keynes, and is a first for the industry.

The trial involves businesses entering into commercial agreements where they agree to reduce their electricity use or shift some of their use to less peak times of the day for a financial reward.

“This will help us understand the impact that changing electricity use has on the Milton Keynes network, allowing us to better plan the network for the future. Milton Keynes has some very challenging carbon emissions targets and this project will help,” said Sanna Atherton, Project Manager for FALCON.

If you are a business and interested in taking part, you can contact Commercial Trials Lead, Gary Swandells on

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