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Sharing the WPD strategy on the Emerald Isle

The Northern Ireland Utility Regulator (UR) has turned to us at WPD to help shape the approach taken by companies in addressing consumer vulnerability.

(L-R) WPD External Affairs Manager Alex Wilkes standing with UR Director for Retail and Consumer Markets Kevin Shiels and SSE Vulnerability Strategy Manager Steven Donavan

WPD External Affairs Manager Alex Wilkes was asked to address sixty stakeholders at a Belfast conference, hosted by UR’s Director of Retail and Consumer Protection, aimed at encouraging companies to embrace the journey towards embedding positive outcomes for vulnerable consumers into their practices.

After being rated first in the industry in Great Britain for the last eight years, as part of Ofgem’s annual Stakeholder Engagement and Consumer Vulnerability Incentive, we were the only UK DNO to be asked to attend.

Alex said: “Every Northern Ireland water, gas and electricity network was in attendance, as well as every energy and water supplier and a range of key charity sector representatives including Energy Savings Trust, National Energy Action, Citizens Advice and Christians Against Poverty.

“I shared our strategy and how it was created, the role of stakeholders, key first steps in our programme and where we are with it today. It was not only an opportunity to share our expertise, but a chance to seek feedback to improve our approach and identify potential collaboration opportunities for the future.” Alex continued. 

“We received extremely positive feedback, in particular from the Northern Ireland Consumer Council.”

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