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Spring 2019 Newsletter

The Innovation Team have been working on a new, fresh look for the Innovation Quarterly Newsletter, so catch up on all the latest Innovation news in our new revamped Spring 2019 Newsletter.

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Find out how the Electric Nation Project is progressing after amassing more than a million hours of charging data. Also take a look at the findings for the NGWTA Project, which is developing the capability to design and deploy advanced, higher bandwidth radio networks.  

Read about our new Innovation projects, the OHL (Overhead Line) Power Pointer Project, which aims to give us enhanced visibility of our overhead line network, and the Network Islanding Investigation Project, which aims to understand the challenges and benefits of operating parts of the distribution network in islanded mode under different conditions.

Upcoming Innovation events are included as well. The Balancing Act Summer Conference 2019, which is our Bi-Annual conference and the Electric Nation Dissemination Event 2019 will give us the opportunity to share and discuss the findings of this exciting project. 

To read more about these Innovation projects and events you can view and download the Spring 2019 Innovation Newsletter here.    

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