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We’re supporting Government plans for Net Zero and a cleaner, greener UK

Following the Government’s publication of its Energy White Paper, we are fully supportive of the plans to ensure the UK is a greener and cleaner place to live for future generations. We recognise our responsibilities and have already been working hard to help deliver Net Zero.

Wind turbines in front of moody sky

The White Paper reinforces many of our existing commitments to create a smarter, more flexible network for all our customers and to facilitate the switch to electric vehicles and heat pumps.

Graham Halladay, Operations Director, said: “The Energy White Paper is a welcome step forward, giving the industry greater certainty on the Government’s aims for energy. This will allow the industry to move forward with confidence to make long-term investment decisions that will create jobs while developing the network capacity and flexibility needed to deliver net zero by 2050.

“With the move towards the electrification of heat and transport well and truly in full swing, WPD is ready to do its part to accelerate the transition towards a greener, smarter energy future that benefits all of our customers, across our many diverse communities.

“At WPD, we are in a prime situation to champion many of the White Paper’s aims and ambitions. Through our flexibility, digitalisation and innovation programmes, we are already working to make net zero a reality across the Midlands, South West and South Wales.”

Tech development will be key to achieving the mass adoption of electric vehicles but a clear rollout plan is also needed.

He added: “With regards to the mass adoption of electric vehicles, the rollout of charge points across the UK will be vital to ensuring drivers have the confidence to make the switch over to EVs before the ban on new petrol and diesel cars comes into effect.

“The industry is making great strides in developing and testing innovative new technology that utilises the existing electricity grid and builds new capacity in the most efficient way to meet this growing demand. WPD’s Take Charge and DC Share initiatives are working to bring rapid, low cost charging capabilities to the nation.

“Projects like this are vital to achieving the Government’s net zero goal by 2050. WPD is working with stakeholders to deliver a coordinated rollout plan for these charge points. Millions of homes lack off-street parking, while there are others in rural communities that also must not be left behind. A joined up, collaborative strategy will deliver the right outcome for the mass rollout of EV charging across the UK.”

When it comes to the electrification of heat, our strategy must first focus on those not connected to gas.

Graham Halladay said: “The White Paper has committed to installing 600,000 heat pumps per year by 2028, which equates to over 1,600 heat pumps being commissioned every day in the UK from 2028.

“Our target at WPD is to focus on the customers who are not currently connected to gas, equating to around four million homes across the UK, often at the edges of the electricity network in rural areas. Accelerating the reinforcement of the electricity network in these areas will support the country’s net zero ambitions by targeting customers who are highly likely to convert to heat pumps first.”

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