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Western Power Distribution heads sky-high to check overhead power network

Western Power Distribution (WPD), the electricity distribution company serving the Midlands, the South West and South Wales is carrying out helicopter patrols across the West Midlands as part of its network inspection work during the months of January, February and March.

The helicopters will be used to spot potential hazards on the high voltage overhead network and to highlight areas where future work may be needed.

Phil Allen, Logistics Manager at Western Power Distribution, said: “Using a helicopter to carry out the patrols is the safest, fastest and most effective way to carry out checks on large sections of the network.

“Taking a bird’s eye view of the network enables us to check large areas quickly. We’re able to spot potential hazards early so that we can plan our investment and maintenance work more effectively, and do any necessary work before it causes problems for our customers.”

The helicopter patrols will also be on the look-out for trees growing into overhead lines, which can cause problems in stormy weather.

Exact flight times and locations will be based on local weather conditions in order to make the best use of time available. The patrols will cover Hereford, Ludlow and Gloucester.

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