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WPD consults on flexibility procurement

We're urging flexibility service providers to take part in a procurement consultation we're carrying out.

The deadline for responses is 17th February and the consultation covers a range of topics from new flexibility products and timescales to digitizing WPD’s processes, secondary trading and interactions with market platforms.

WPD Network Strategy Engineer Matt Watson explained: “This formal consultation is a follow-up to the engagement work we carried out in November. We have incorporated suggestions from that, including a commitment to provide a Flexibility Data Catalogue to highlight the data already available.

“I would ask anyone who is involved in providing flexibility services to feed into the consultation to help shape the way things evolve. Our flexibility services are a new market that is developing all the time: we’re now looking at developing products with longer lead times while also looking to move closer to real-time procurement and domestic provision. However, every product we add brings with it greater complexity so we need to balance costs and requirements to ensure we have a competitive and accessible market.”

The consultation and associated documents are available here.
For more details on the wider process, including previous webinars, visit our Distribution Flexibility Services Reporting page.

A webinar about the changes will be held on 25 January at 2pm. Please register here.