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Teens warned of electricity dangers

Safety advisors at Western Power Distribution (WPD), the electricity distribution network operator for the Midlands, South West and Wales, are heading back t...


Low Carbon event branded a success

The response from the attendees, including Ofgem, was positive. "All DNOs showed a genuine desire to provide data from their networks to validate t...


DNO's meet to understand more about fault level reduction

FlexDGrid is exploring the potential benefits of utilising three methods to reduce fault level in Birmingham. During the workshop DNOs were provided with a d...


Company offers cash incentives to businesses to reduce electricity use

The initiative is part of Project FALCON, which looks to find energy efficient and environmentally friendly solutions to meet the future energy needs in...


Saving electricity = Saving money

Western Power Distribution (WPD)is looking for fifteen businesses to take part in a trial to investigate how changes in businesses electricity use can help r...


First FlexDGrid workshop enhances understanding in fault level approaches

FlexDGrid is exploring the potential benefits of three methods of reducing fault level, with this workshop concentrating on Method Alpha; one of the three me...