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We're urging gardeners to stay safe and avoid any shocks during National Gardening Week

As people across the country are urged to get gardening, we are encouraging people to stay safe and avoid underground strikes of electricity cables. Nationa...


Case Study: A new heating system for Mrs M

Mrs M (56) has severe depression and is supported by a psychiatrist. Mrs M also suffers from fibromyalgia and arthritis. She has had one knee replaced and ha...


Case Study: Helping Mr H with home adaptations

This month, thanks to Care & Repair and Nest, Mr H was aided with home adaptations through two grants totalling £538.32. Mr H is 73 years old and recently m...


Case Study: Helping Miss H with her energy bills

This month, we aided Miss H in securing a £300 grant to put towards her gas and electricity bills from charity Independence at Home. Miss H has lived in her...


Case study: Savings and a new budgeting plan for Mr S

Mr S is a single unemployed male suffering from depression and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. He's socially isolated and rarely leaves his flat. His...


WPD plan to invest a record £6bn in ground-breaking network transformation plan to drive UK’s Net Zero aspirations

We have announced our plan to invest a record £6 billion into network improvement, environmental sustainability, and new community energy projects across the...