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Loss of Mains

Distribution Network Owners and National Grid ESO are teaming up through the accelerated loss of mains change programme to accelerate compliance with new requirements in the Distribution Code. The new requirements specify that the current protection settings required for any new generation connecting to the network must now also be applied retrospectively to all existing generation with loss of mains protection. 

Loss of mains protection is used to stop any damage when problems occur on the electricity distribution network. Methods used in the past can disconnect generation when it is not necessary to do so. The effect of this more often than not happens when more renewable generation is running and the costs of trying to stop any disruptions are paid for by the consumer and electricity industry. Changing loss of mains protection will therefore deliver a step change in how the electricity system can be operated and will allow more low carbon power to flow at lower cost. 

Find out more on the Electricity Networks Association website here

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ALoMCP - Coronavirus Pandemic Response

Due to the disruption caused by the Coronavirus pandemic, including the impact of measures taken by the government and businesses to protect the wellbeing of the public, the Programme has suspended delivery of the ALoMCP.

Under the current guidance the Programme is currently not classified as essential work, and DNO staff cannot plan site attendance for the purpose of witnessing and audit where these would have been required by the Programme. It is not possible at the moment to conduct this work remotely.

The Programme will issue guidance for in-flight projects as soon as possible. There is no plan to suspend payments to applicants who have already completed their work and these will be processed as is practicable under current working arrangements.

The ALoMC Programme will keep the situation under review and update this response as the situation changes.

Delivery dates of accepted applications will be relaxed and delivery timescales and window dates will be reviewed and revised in the light of Government and Regulatory direction and as information becomes available.

Generators, their agents and contractors are reminded to follow all government guidance with regards to travel and work restrictions.