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Shepshed Section 37 Application

The Electricity (Applications for Consent) Regulations 1990: Regulation 5 - Publication of Notice of Application for Consent under Section 37 of the Electricity Act 1989 New 132kV Overhead Line Pylons, Associated Downleads and Replacement Overhead Line, Charnwood Borough Council

Proposed plans:

Notice is hereby given that on 26 October 2020 Western Power Distribution (WPD) made an application under Section 37 of the Electricity Act 1989 for the consent of the Secretary of State for Business Energy and Industrial Strategy. The application is for the installation of two new 132kV pylons to connect an existing 132kV overhead line (known as the SZ line) on land south of A512 Ashby Road East and east of Ingleberry Road, Shepshed, Leicestershire, Grid Reference/World Co: 448301, 318200.  A new 132kV Switching Station will be installed at the same location (which planning permission is currently being sought for under a separate application P/20/1237/2).  

The new pylons will be of a standard steel lattice design of approximately 26.4m high.  Each pylon will be connected to the existing 132kV steel lattice pylon overhead line and will include single circuit connections of up to 20m in length to the new 132kV Switching Station. The other circuit will be replaced between the existing pylons. The total extent of replacement line will be approximately 310m.

Any representation concerning this Section 37 application should be made in writing to by email only, on or before the 14 December 2020 referencing the name of the overhead line (the SZ line) and the grounds for objection.

Any such objections or representations will be copied to the relevant planning authorities and the applicant unless the person making them requests in writing that they should not be copied. If there is such a request then the relevant planning authorities and the applicant will be informed that an objection has been made but no details will be forwarded to them.

It is requested that such representations or objections are also sent to WPD’s Consents & Wayleaves Specialist Andy Yates, Western Power Distribution, Pegasus Business Park, Herald way, Castle Donnington DE74 2TU.