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Strategic network investment

Our Network Strategy team is responsible for assessing the subtransmission network impact of future changes in demand and generation. 

Each DNO licence area is divided geographically into the areas supplied by distinct sections of our subtransmission network; bespoke scenarios were developed for each area. For more information, please email

Each WPD licence area is being studied in turn, click the links below for more information on each area:

East Midlands
South Wales
South West
West Midlands

The Network Strategy team is also working with Regen to develop an approach to model the future growth and behaviour of distribution-connected energy storage. WPD wishes to consult with industry on this analysis. For more information on the analysis and the opportunity to engage in this consultation, please click here.

We have also published the first Distribution System Operability Framework (DSOF), an assessment of technical issues facing Distribution Network Operators (DNOs) as they become Distribution System Operators (DSOs). We are actively looking for future technical and commercial issues which could impair our ability to operate and maintain our networks efficiently whilst developing capacity for new connections. Raising awareness of these issues will enable us to seek new solutions and manage them efficiently and cost effectively. Find out more here.