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Performance reporting - RIIO - ED1

As a regulated business our revenue is governed by a price control mechanism administered by Ofgem. RIIO-ED1, the current price control period, commenced in April 2015 and will end in March 2023.  

Our business plan for the eight year period of RIIO-ED1 made a number of commitments across 6 categories, to see a brief overview of our performance in each area click on the icons below: 


We recognise that some stakeholders will wish to access more detail on our performance than others. We have therefore produced different formats of our reporting to enable individuals to choose the report type that best meets their requirements. The options available are as follows:

Performance Snapshot - Business Plan Commitments Report 2016-17

A single page high level performance snapshot providing a set of data which will be common across each of the Distribution Network Operators, allowing high level performance comparison.
Summary Report - Business Plan Commitments Report 2016-17

A summary report for interested stakeholders which provides an overview of our performance in key areas.
WPD RIIO-ED1 Business Plan Commitments Report 2016-17

A comprehensive report for expert stakeholders which provides detailed information on our progress against the full range of commitments made within the Business Plan.

A glossary explaining technical terms contained within each report.

We are keen to assess stakeholder views of our performance reporting for RIIO-ED1, we would therefore ask you to spare a minute of your time to complete a short survey.  Your feedback will be used to help us to improve reporting in future years.  To complete the survey please click here.

In addition to the above reports we are required to publish a copy of Regulatory Instructions and Guidance (RIGs) sheet SI1 for each of our licence areas.  SI1 forms part of the standard suite of reporting submitted to Ofgem on an annual basis.  The data contained within SI1 is replicated within the Performance Snapshot provided above but is published in compliance with Ofgem guidance.

To view our previous Performance reports then please click here