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Being prepared

Power cuts do happen from time to time, often due to circumstances beyond our control. So we recommend that you are prepared. We have additional help and tips for our business customers below.

Have a portable light such as a lantern or torch ready (it's best not to use candles or paraffin lights).

Keep a wind-up, battery or solar radio ready so you can listen to local radio updates.

Keep a battery or solar charger handy so that you can recharge your smart phone or tablet and follow updates on social media and our online power cut map.

Check you have a phone available that will work in a power cut - digital or cordless ones may not work.

Protect sensitive electrical equipment such as computers with a surge protector.

If you have a mains operated chair lift, check to see if there is a manual release handle that can be used to return it safely to ground level if it stops working.

Keep our telephone number handy or save it into your mobile phone - 105 or 0800 6783 105 so that you can report a power cut or call for information or advice.

Preparing for a power cut

Business customers

Whilst we are committed to providing a reliable electricity supply, sometimes power cuts do happen for reasons beyond our control.

We want to help you be as prepared as possible for a power cut or other electricity related disruption to your business. See the document below for more information.