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On Your Marks, Get Set, Go!

Congratulations to Rhianna from Indian Queens School in Cornwall, for her design in our latest Ecobot Challenge! On your marks, get set go, asked students to design a car to include energy saving features which would stand out.

Children's drawing of a van

I am sure you will agree, ‘Flameflash 2000’ is certainly eye catching and hosts some amazing energy features like a solar panelled roof, runs on trash fuel created from household waste and has tyres made from recycled rubber!

Well done to all those who took part, all your pictures were great and who knows, one day we may well be able to buy a car with some of these features included.

Indian Queens will receive £200 from Western Power Distribution to spend on sports equipment for the school. Rhianna will receive an MP3 Player.

Here are a few of the other entries we received: 

Children's drawing of eco carChildren's drawing of a motorbike ecoChildren's drawing of a vehicleChildren's eco car drawing