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Service alterations

We are often asked by customers, commercial developers and electricians to move an electricity supply, and our engineers are always busy making alterations to the system as a result of building work.
However, service alterations to the electricity supply require planning and processes to ensure minimum disruption and safe provision of adequate voltage levels. 

Moving your electricity supply

Domestic supply

If you need to move your existing electricity supply you should be aware that there are specific procedures and associated costs involved.

To help, we have created a quick guide set out in an easy to follow question and answer format, which will provide you with all the information you need to plan and cost your supply alteration.

Please note that the guide is for standard domestic supplies only. Click here to download.

Large domestic or commercial and industrial supply

For larger domestic or commercial and industrial service alterations, please call one our regional offices, who will be able to connect you with the relevant team.