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Digitalisation action plan

Decarbonisation and decentralisation are leading to unprecedented changes in the way customers use and generate energy. We operate the network for our customers, so it is essential we respond to their changing use of the network and adapt our operations to continue to deliver excellent customer service, reliability, and value for money.

We have set out our roadmap as part of our digitalisation strategy; describing how we plan to continue our digitalisation journey and deliver new and improved solutions and data access internally and externally for our customers and stakeholders.

This document focusses on our current and planned activity to deliver our digitalisation strategy and measuring progress against our long-term roadmap. 

Project governance is key to a successful delivery programme to enable the outputs and outcomes to facilitate our digitalisation transformation. An overview of our project governance is shared to ensure transparency and openness to support benchmarking and tracking our success.

How we approach digitalisation delivery, ensuring it meets ours and our stakeholders needs, how we will regularly communicate our activity and ensure we continue regular and relevant engagement is core to our strategy and demonstrated throughout this action plan. 

We will provide an update of this document at least every six months. We know that many people will want more frequent updates as to the progress against our delivery plan and specific projects, therefore, we’re making this available and interactive online. 

You can view our delivery plan online, see the progress against key milestones, get updates from the team through blogs and videos, feedback on progress and input through formal consultations but more frequently through quick and engaging surveys as well as links to direct output from each and all activity. 

Digitalisation action plan

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