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DSO strategy

We recognise that the change from a Distribution Network Operator (DNO) to a Distribution System Operator (DSO) is essential to driving performance and efficiency from our network and to ensure it can meet the future energy demands of all our customers.  The enhanced capabilities we are developing will also give our customers the freedom to access other opportunities within the developing energy system.  

To keep our customers and stakeholders updated of our most recent steps towards becoming a DSO and to inform them of our near term plans, in June 2019, we published our updated DSO Forward Plan. This document explains the benefits of DSO transition through the lens of a number of customers and stakeholders and takes account of the developments we have made in the last 12 months, including the production of our Electric Vehicle Strategy, an update of Innovation projects and new Flexibility Zones. 

Our DSO Forward Plan is available to view here

In February 2020 we updated our DSO strategy, this is now the third publication of our document.  In addition to feedback from a wide range of stakeholders, this version also updates progress on the actions we are taking in this area.

Our DSO Strategy is available to view here.

We encourage our stakeholders to feedback on our proposed actions to become a full DSO and will be continuing to engage through our regular stakeholder events.

DSO Strategy Consultation

On Thursday 14th September 2017, we held a DSO Strategy Consultation Event at IET Birmingham: Austin Court. This event gave WPD the opportunity to provide an overview of our DSO strategy and present our network strategy publications including; Distribution System Operability Framework (DSOF) and Energy Storage Growth Scenarios & Operation Modes Consultation.
We have reviewed our stakeholders’ responses and have now published our DSO Consultation Response, which can be downloaded here.

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