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Strategic investment options: Shaping Subtransmission

The Distribution Future Energy Scenarios are used as an input into our Shaping Subtransmission studies, which aim to assess the ability of the existing network to accommodate new demand and generation connections under the DFES scenarios. We are currently on Round 2 of our studies; please see the tables below for any published material.

Detailed analysis on the Subtransmission network for each licence area identifies thermal and voltage constraints on the network. We then work to assess options for conventional reinforcement and provide recommendations for low regret investment. The Shaping Subtransmission studies are also used to understand the economic potential for demand side response and/or generation constraint to avoid conventional reinforcement.

We are currently reviewing the Shaping Subtransmission process, and will be publishing a revised publication timetable shortly.

Below is an archive of the latest and previous Shaping Subtransmission studies for all licence areas. A link to the accompanying DFES page can be found here.

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