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Soft Intertrip

Some networks are constrained due to a single upstream asset requiring reinforcement, or a single limit being infringed under certain conditions. Through monitoring these conditions, further capacity can be released when these limits or assets are within normal operating parameters. When there is no further capacity available, the connection will be curtailed to a predefined limit, which may be zero.

This alternative connection is suitable for all generator applications connecting at HV or with an export level of 250kW and above. Although due to the coarse method of curtailment, there will be a maximum number of participants per area.

This alternative connection is not suitable in areas where we will be undertaking Active Network Management within two years.

Typical Operation

Where appropriate the system can be used to monitor;

  • Transformer Reverse Power
  • (N-1) Constraints
  • Voltage Constraints
  • Thermal Constraints
Once installed, the on-site soft-intertrip RTU will provide two normally open contacts for the customer’s control system to monitor; Stage 1 and Stage 2. When both sets are open, the connection will be free of constraints. The levels of curtailment corresponding to the operation of the Stage 1 and Stage 2 contacts will be defined at the planning stage.