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Technical Information

Information for ICP, iDNO and other customers relating to the acquisition of land and rights over land, together with planning permission and statutory consents. Template legal documents and other useful information relating to these activities is also provided.

Sites and Rights Purchase Processes

Overhead connections
Underground connections
Substation site purchase

Who Does What

Land rights purchase – easements and wayleaves
Site purchase – freehold and leasehold
s.37 / OHL Exemption Regs
Planning permission
Statutory consents

Other useful information:

Instruction form for WPD’s lawyers
WPD legal plan colouring protocol
Legal plans - guidance
Summary guide to land rights and consents for new connections 
Information for landowners and customers
Wayleave/Easement decision matrix
Specimen Legal Documents


Independent Distribution Network Operators (IDNOs)


Independent connection providers (ICPs) 
Guide for landowners relating to ICP works

Policy Library

EW1-2         Relating to Overhead Line, Underground Cables and Substation Consents
EW3-2Relating to Access to Private Land, Work in Protected and Sensitive Areas, and Statutory Notices


Standard Techniques
EW1A-1Relating to Obtaining the Consent of the Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change for the Erection of Overhead Lines
EW1AB-1Relating to the Requirement for Environmental Impact Assessments
EW1B-1    Relating to Obtaining Local Authority Consent for Substations
EW1C-5    Relating to Obtaining Landowners’ & Occupiers’ Agreement for Overhead Lines & Cables
EW1G-1 Contaminated Land
EW1H     Relating to the use of a Wayleave to Easement or Site Acquisition Side Letter Agreement