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Timed Capacity

Some of our networks have predictable load and generation patterns which enable us to determine when the limitations will occur. Connections will be given an operating schedule which will define the times and levels of capacity available to them. The method of curtailment can either be provided by Western Power Distribution or developed by the customer and submitted for approval.

This alternative connection is suitable for capacities under 1MVA and does not require remote communications if the capacity is under 0.5MVA. On-going enforcement of the curtailment will be collected from the standard metering flows.

Any breaches of limitations will result in the connection offers being withdrawn or further remote control being installed at the generators cost.

Typical timed constraint periods are shown below;

Period10am to 4pm4pm to 10am
October to March No ConstraintNo Constraint
April to September30% of full outputNo Constraint
May to August0% of full outputNo Constraint