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Network capacity map

The network capacity map provides an indication of the networks capability to connect large-scale developments to major substations. The colour gradings are intended to guide the user to areas of the network where a connection is more likely to be achieved without significant reinforcement.
The map also displays National Grid Transmission's (NGT) Statement of Works responses applicable to each site which may further restrict connection availability. More information on the Statement of Works and responses from NGT can be found here on our Statement of Works webpage.

Main points to note regarding the map are: 

  • The data is provided as an indication only and is not intended to be relied upon. Data is taken from the six monthly updated WPD Long Term Development Statement (LTDS) and supplemented with regularly updated quotation statistics;
  • Generation headroom is calculated using up-to-date quotation statistics incorporating connected generation, accepted but not yet connected generation and quoted generation figures. These figures will regularly change as quotations are issued and expire. Currently the map cannot differentiate between multiple offers for the same site inflating the overall connected generation figure and suggesting negative headroom in some instances;
  • Generation headroom is calculated using reverse power capabilities of each site. Where this figure was missing in the LTDS an assumed value of 50% of firm capacity has been used; 
  • Connections to the substations with an overall RED classification are still possible, however there might be a requirement for significant network reinforcement to overcome the impact on the network constraints. 

The map does not replace a full formal application in determining network capacity.

Please click here to register for access to our downloadable capacity map data or here if you're already registered.

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Fault Levels

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HV Fault Level 3Ph:
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HV Fault Level 1Ph:
LV Ratings 3Ph:
LV Fault Level 3Ph:
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Statement of Works

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