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Your CEG Chair

Duncan McCombie


Duncan is passionate about representing and achieving the very best outcomes for consumers, and has spent his thirty year career in a variety of executive, customer-facing roles. In late 2016 he was appointed as Chief Executive of the multi award winning fuel poverty business, YES Energy Solutions CIC, after he was attracted to the company’s strong social purpose to address fuel poverty and reduce the impacts of climate change. 

He is an established Chair having led the Existing Homes Network for Wales, influencing changes in approach. He is vastly experienced as an independent consumer expert, most recently as a member of Welsh Water’s Customer Challenge Group for the price review process PR19, playing a key role shaping their plans at a strategic and working level. He has previously been a member of the Climate Change Commission for Wales and the Welsh Transport Minister’s Low Carbon Vehicle Steering Group and has a long history of providing evidence to Government committees and scrutiny panels. 

Duncan is motivated to ensure companies make meaningful changes through committing to deliver sustainable improvements, providing tangible benefits for customers, businesses and communities in a visible way. His enthusiasm and curiosity have driven the delivery of robust and independent challenge on behalf of consumers in a number of sectors. 

Duncan brings extensive utility and energy efficiency sector experience, with previous corporate roles including Director of Operations at the Energy Savings Trust, senior advisor to the Chair of CCWater Board and Head of Customer Policy at Thames Water. He brings with him topic expertise spanning consumer vulnerability, fuel poverty, sustainability, resilience, innovation and stakeholder engagement developed through work in heavily regulated sectors.

A message from Duncan

"I am thrilled to have been appointed to lead the Customer Engagement Group (CEG) at a time of radical transformation within the energy sector, as Distribution Network Operators become Distribution System Operators. The CEG will fulfil a vital role to ensure customers are placed at the heart of WPD’s plans for the future and that actions and decisions made by the company are truly positioned to deliver the long-term interests of consumers.

“With my fellow CEG members, we will scrutinise WPD’s plans and the processes by which decisions have been reached and review WPD’s wider engagement with stakeholders to ensure robust and representative consultation. Most importantly we will work hand-in-glove with the industry regulator Ofgem to provide them with essential, independent oversight and assurances throughout.

"I am passionate about achieving the very best outcomes for customers – after all they pay for everything WPD do - so have the right to expect and receive the very best performance. There will be no easy rides – providing independent consumer challenge is a privilege and as such this is a role I take very seriously."

“WPD’s plans can only have legitimacy if they truly reflect the views and needs of the widest range of stakeholders and customers possible. People from across the Midlands, South Wales and South west England should be able to have an influential voice at the heart of the decisions made on the services WPD delivers for them and at what cost. I am looking to recruit a diverse range of stakeholders as CEG members, including consumer representatives, regional interest groups topic areas, as well as topic experts spanning areas as varied as non-traditional business models, innovation, fuel poverty, community energy and consumer research, for example. I personally believe in excellent and efficient service, sustainable delivery and value for money and these will all be key considerations as we critically evaluate WPD’s approach to the RIIO-ED2 price review process.

“The role of a CEG member is a significant commitment, requiring regular attendance at meetings 4-6 times a year and the time to delve into the detail of WPD’s plans in order to provide robust challenge and review. We’ll be working hard from now until the submission of WPD’s plans to Ofgem, ahead of the next price control commencing in April 2023. If you are interested in participating, I would love to hear from you.

“More generally, I encourage all of WPD’s customers and stakeholders to participate in their upcoming workshops and extensive consultations which provide an opportunity for your views, priorities and feedback to impact and shape how WPD build their future business plan, for a service we all rely on”.