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Connection customer engagement

Incentive on Connection Engagement

Current Plan 2016/17

WPD ICE Workplan 2016/17

The WPD 2016/17 ICE Workplan has been created using input from our stakeholders including the CCSG panel along with our broad range of connection stakeholders and in line with our Connections Strategy. The priority issues in the ICE Workplan were identified as a result of feedback from our engagement activities throughout the 2015/16 period such as our DG Workshop held in November 2015 and our WPD Stakeholder workshops in January 2016. We have used these discussions and feedback to prioritise the issues and to identify and formulate a set of actions to address them. The actions aim to provide the changes and improvements required by our stakeholders. Initiatives with specific actions have been included to address feedback identified in the ICE Workplan.

The ICE Workplan will develop though the year where further actions are identified and added, these new actions will be clearly identified when we publish updates so that stakeholders can easily track our progress. It is important to us that all of our stakeholders can engage with our ICE Workplan to ensure that we are meeting their requirements. We have kept the format of the ICE Workplan simple and straightforward to ensure that it is accessible for all stakeholders so that our objectives are clear and can be tracked throughout the year.

We have grouped the actions into a series of headline areas with feedback and initiatives. Each of the actions are numbered for ease of reference and to track new actions as they are added. Actions have a target date for completion and a column indicating the measures we will use to identify success. As updates are published there will be a column indicating the current status and actual completion date.

The ICE Workplan including our high level Connections Strategy can be found here.

We would welcome any feedback you have on our ICE Workplan throughout 2015-16, please send your feedback to:

WPD's ICE October 2016 Re-Submission

We have taken the opportunity to make a resubmission to Ofgem of our ICE Workplan. This resubmission illustrates how our ICE Workplan is progressing and provides an update on the status of the actions we committed to for 2016/17.

A copy of our updated ICE Submission 2016/17 can be found here
Appendix 1 and 2 for 2015/16 remain unchanged, links can be found above
Appendix 3 - 2016/17 ICE Workplan - October update
Appendix 4 - 2016/17 Key Performance Indicator Pack - Quarterly update


ICE 2016/17 Quarterly Updates  

Q3 Jul-Sept 2016

Workplan update

An update on our Workplan was provided with our October ICE Resubmission, a link to which can be found above.

KPI update

To measure our performance towards our commitments within the ICE Workplan, WPD committed to 32 Key Performance Indicators for the 2016/17 regulatory year. 

Please click here for a summary of our performance. 

Q2 Apr-Jun 2016

Workplan update

WPD has completed all actions due for completion within the quarter April to June 2016 which we had committed to within our 2016/17 ICE Workplan.

Please click here for an update of the Workplan actions.

KPI update

To measure our performance towards our commitments within the ICE Workplan, WPD committed to 32 Key Performance Indicators for the 2016/17 regulatory year. 

Please click here for a summary of our performance.


Previous WPD ICE Workplans

WPD's ICE Submission for 2016

This looking forward and looking back report details our performance against our 2015/16 ICE Workplan as well as our plans for the 2016/17 year. The report explains our customer engagement strategy and how our ICE Workplans have been put together with the input of our stakeholders. The documents can be found in the links below:

The report document can be found here
Appendix 1 - 2015/16 ICE Workplan
Appendix 2 - 2015/16 Key Performance Indicator Pack
Appendix 3 - 2016/17 ICE Workplan

A copy of our updated ICE Submission 2015/16 with updated ICE Workplan and KPI information can be found here.


Connection Customer Steering Group 

The CCSG was formed at the end of 2013 in order to better facilitate the continued development of our connections services. Chaired by our Chief Executive, Robert Symons and made up of a broad range of connection stakeholders from a cross-section of sectors, the group comprises of a panel of experts who help to inform and guide our strategy and decisions. Each panel member represent their own views and the views of their colleagues within their market segment(s). 

The CCSG meets three times per year and the inaugural meeting took place in 2013. There is an annual cycle of planning, update and review workshops. An independent report capturing the outputs from each workshop is produced and available below. 

The Group inform and endorse the priorities, actions, initiatives and targets forming the annual workplan for WPD connections activities. The workplan can be found by clicking here.

End of year update of 2014/15 CCSG workplan

The final update to our CCSG workplan for 2014/15, including status updates on completed actions and those carried forward into our ICE Workplan can be found here.

The CCSG Objectives:

  • Provide feedback on the effectiveness of WPD’s connections service and plans for future developments
  • Act as a source of and a sounding board for new ideas
  • Advise and draw attention to key issues of current or emerging connection customer concerns
  • Influence WPD’s strategic objectives and future plans for connections services
  • Influence and feedback on WPDs connections performance indicators
  • Support and facilitate joint-working between WPD and connections groups
  • Act as an arbiter for connections customers


CCSG Workshop cycle


  • Present WPD’s draft proposals based on priorities identified at end of previous year
  • Ask stakeholders for comments that will be used to refine our thinking
  • Finalise and agree plan based on CCSG feedback


  • Present a review of progress against the plan
  • Present any additions or modifications which may have been identified


  • Evaluate progress and successes
  • Reassess the key outstanding issues
  • Agree actions and priorities for the following year


CCSG Workshop outputs




Decision Document

WPD Consultation on Connection interactivity, acceptance validity and reservation of capacity

ICE Trial Submission Documents

The two documents in the links below are to WPD’s submissions under Ofgem’s Incentive on Connections Engagement (ICE) Trial. The trial is being run ahead of the incentive going ‘live’ in 2015.

As part of the ICE, we must submit two reports; a Part One ‘looking forward’ report detailing our plans regarding connections engagement and improvements for the coming year and a Part Two ‘looking back’ report explaining performance against the previous year’s plans. For the Trial the two submissions focus on our activities relating to Distributed Generation connections, but also covers our broader connections approach for the year including the CCSG.

WPD ICE Part One Trial Submission 2014

WPD ICE Part Two Trial Submission 2014