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We create new connections to our power network, and modify existing ones. Here’s how we can provide access to the power you need.

You have a choice: There are companies out there who can carry out many aspects of the connections work or own the new constructed network.

Apply online

Complete our online form to apply for a new power network connection.

ICP customers

Essential information for Independent Connection Providers (ICP).

Connecting dwellings or commercial properties

Connect a small domestic dwelling, whole domestic housing estate, small business or large commercial development.

Connecting generation or energy storage

Get your renewable energy or microgeneration connected safely and securely to our network.

Changing your connection

Change the location or size, or disconnect your network connection.

Connecting a new EV charging point or heat pump

Learn how to connect low carbon technologies.

Connecting unmetered equipment

Install new unmetered connections, transfer supplies and disconnect unmetered connections.

Get a guide price

Use our pricing tools for accurate information on the costs for new connections.

Accept & Pay for your connection offer

'Accept and pay' for small connection offers and estimates.

Competition in connections

Learn how to get competitive quotes from an Independent Connections Provider (ICP) for your electricity connection.

Information for ICPs and IDNOs

Access essential information for ICPs and IDNOs.

Connections regulations and policy

Understand the rules, regulations and legislation covering network connections.

Connections stakeholder engagement

We listen and learn from our stakeholders to improve the connection process.

Legal permissions and consents

Get legal information and advice on the legal process for placing network equipment on your land.

Trial schemes

Get details on innovative new trials we’re doing to improve the quality of our service.

Wayleaves contact information

Contact our wayleaves team with any comments, queries or information.

Surgery appointments

Connect with your local team for advice on upcoming network projects.

Transport Infrastructure Project Guidance

Detailed information on how we manage the impact of major infrastructure projects on our network.