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Change your electricity load

If you need to 'change your electricity supply', by either increasing or decreasing its capacity, or adding additional equipment, please apply using one of the options below.


What would you like to change?

  • If you need to 'increase the electrical load of your installation, or connect additional equipment', such as motors or welders, please submit an application for connection.

    To increase a supply to a domestic or commercial premises

    Please complete the WPD application form.

    To increase the import or export supply for a generator

    Please complete the G99 application form.

  • If you wish to 'decrease your Authorised Supply Capacity', please send us an online request form.

    Fill out our online request form

    South West and Wales

    Fill out our online request form


    Unsure which of our areas you're in?

    Use our distribution area search tool

Supporting information

Legal permissions and consents

Connection offers and agreements

Connection offer expenses regulations (A&D fees)