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Online services

We have two internet-based systems to provide services online for ICPs and IDNOs.

  • What is the CIRT system?

    CIRT is an online routing and tracking system which enables connection providers and WPD to easily:

    • Create and submit a connection enquiry
    • Track individual schemes, stage by stage
    • Upload and exchange documents
    • Provide location details for employees to aid the inspections process.

    In addition, the CIRT system has a dedicated section for monitoring the progress the legals and consents process for your schemes.

    How can I access the CIRT system?

    Connection providers are able to register to use CIRT at a company, organisational unit and individual level. For further information on how to register please click here.

    If you are an existing CIRT user please click here to log in.


  • What is the ICP Portal?

    The ICP Portal is on online systems which enables connection providers to:

    • Create an application for connection
    • Submit self-determined Point(s) of Connection
    • Submit details of self-connections, e.g. live jointing notifications
    • Receive confirmation of whether a self-connection is approved or rejected; and
    • Submit completion certificates, as-laid plans and associated documentation

    How can I access the ICP Portal?

    Connection providers and network operators are able to register to use the ICP Portal provided they nominate an administrator to act as the main point of contact for the company. The administrator is then able to add users within the company who require access to the services available.

    To register, please send the following details to

    • The name of the person who will act as the administrator for your organisation
    • Their email address
    • Company name; and
    • Location or depot address

    or use our online request access form.

    Once we have created the account, you will receive confirmation, a password and user guide. You may change your password in account settings when you first login.

    Already registered? Click here.