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Payment terms

According to the size and complexity of your electricity connection we will either require a single payment covering the full Connection Charge or we may allow you to split the charge into a number of smaller payments in line with our incidence of expenditure.

  • For simple service connections or small projects, where our work is relatively straight forward and can be completed in a short period of time, payment must be made in full on acceptance of the Connection/Point of Connection Offer.

  • In the case of a phased development, or connections requiring major electrical infrastructure, e.g. a housing estate, large commercial development, or large generator, the Connection Charge may be payable in stages. An initial stage payment will be required at the time you accept the Connection/Point of Connection Offer and further payments will be required by instalment to coincide with our anticipated incidence of expenditure.

    Initial stage payment

    The initial payment will as a minimum cover all works undertaken by WPD in preparing the Connection/Point of Connection Offer and will normally include costs for us to undertake preparatory work (but not the physical works) such as route planning/marking, initial approaches to third parties for the acquisition of permissions or environmental/conservation consents, etc. Other costs may also be included, for example costs incurred for undertaking competitive tender, undertaking studies, or ordering plant and where an Independent Connection Provider is involved, our fees for approving their design.

    Where a payment has been made for the Connection Offer under the Electricity Connection Charges Regulations, those charges will be excluded from the initial stage payment.

    Where there is a degree of uncertainty (typically whilst awaiting the outcome of a planning application), we may agree upon request to take no further action until instructed to do so by you. Where we agree to do this the initial payment will exclude the costs for undertaking preparatory works. You should be aware however, that timescales for the order of plant or switchgear from manufacturers or the securement of consents can be prolonged. Any delay in undertaking preparatory work or placing an order with a manufacturer could impact on timescales for delivery and energisation of the connection and we will reserve the right to amend or withdraw the Offer if agreed milestones are not met.

    Further stage payments

    Subsequent payments will be staged so as to reflect our incidence of expenditure at significant milestones, e.g. to coincide with a manufacturer's request for payment by WPD of an item of plant, or for us to undertake the physical works necessary to make the connection. The number of payments will vary according to the size and complexity of the scheme but may typically be two, three or four stages. We must receive payment before each stage of the work is commenced. Our Connection/POC Offer will identify the amount and timing of each payment.

  • From 1st May 2018 we will be implementing changes to the way we recover some of the costs that we incur when preparing an offer for an electricity connection. If your proposed electricity connection requires work at 22kV and above (‘EHV’ works) we will charge you for the time we spend preparing the offer for connection in accordance with the Electricity (Connection Offer Expenses) Regulations 2018.

    We will require payment even if you do not accept the offer. The charge covers the costs we reasonably incur when assessing the impacts of the connection on the distribution/transmission system, designing the connection (including any reinforcement works) and preparing the offer. For further information click here.

  • Where we need to reinforce the existing network in order to accommodate your connection and you are required to make a contribution toward those costs we will have due regard to other customers who wish to connect and utilise spare capacity created by the reinforcement works. Where this arises we will undertake preparatory works without delay so as not to unduly impact on the timescales for connection of all our customers. Your contribution toward these costs will also be included within the initial payment. If the reinforcement associated with the scheme does not affect the progress of other schemes then we may decide not to progress the works immediately and defer the paymen

  • Without prior agreement we can only accept payment from the “Customer” as specified in the Definitions section of the Specific Terms and Conditions for Connection within the Connection Offer.

  • How to pay

    Payments can be made by BACS, online, over the phone or by cheque.

    Internet Banking / Bank Transfer (BACS)

    To make a payment directly from your bank account please use the following details:

    • Account Name: Western Power Distribution
    • Bank Account Number: 22410923
    • Sort Code: 40-14-13


    Visit our website at and quote your WPD reference. Alternatively, this can be accessed by visiting our website at and clicking on the QuickPay ‘£’ icon, located on our homepage.

    Telephone 24/7 

    Call our automated service on 0330 008 0449 and quote your WPD reference. To speak with an agent please call on 01752 502187 in office hours, Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm


    Cheques should be made payable to ‘Western Power Distribution’ and posted to Western Power Distribution, AR Payments Team, PO Box 231, Elliott Road, Plymouth, PL4 0YU. Please quote your WPD reference on the back of the cheque and return using the enclosed prepaid envelope.