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Alternative Connections

It is not always possible to connect further generation or demand loads to our networks without making changes to our assets. These changes are due to the network reaching the physical limit of power able to be transferred through it, usually due to thermal, voltage, protection or fault level issues.

Network modifications are designed to the lowest cost solution. However, areas requiring upstream reinforcement may introduce additional timescales or costs for completing a connection.

  • An alternative connection enables a customer to connect ahead of required reinforcement through agreeing to temporarily reduce their capacity requirements during certain conditions.

  • Alternative Connection TypeAreas

    Further Info

    Export LimitingEntire NetworkHere
    TimedEntire Network


    Soft - IntertripAll non-complex networks not due to be opened for ANM within two yearsHere
    Active Network Management (ANM)See Further InfoHere


  • The level of curtailment experienced by the connection can be fixed or dynamic, depending on the type of alternative connection offered. The conditions which will require curtailment to be applied will be detailed in your connection offer.

    Historic data can be provided in order for you to estimate the likely level of curtailment but the actual level will depend on load, generation and system availability in that area and is outside of Western Power Distribution’s control.

  • Customers may choose to accept an alternative connection as either an interim connection, pending completion of works required for as standard unconstrained connection, or as an

    enduring connection which would not attract the apportioned costs of any reinforcement in that area.

  • Please complete the standard application form for your connection requirements. Our planning teams will usually contact you if network reinforcement is required and there is potential for a lower cost alternative arrangement.

    If, however, you believe you require an alternative connection from the outset, you may include details within the “Additional Information” section of your application and our planning teams will discuss this with you.