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Customers & Community

We care about our customers and our communities. Here you'll find information about the priority services we offer, the way we interact with our stakeholders and how we take responsibility within the communities we serve.

Priority services

We have special arrangements in place for vulnerable customers who depend on electricity and for whom power cuts may be particularly worrying.

Customer service

We know the importance of our people getting it right first time, every time.

Our promises to you

Our customers deserve the best performance from us and we aim to achieve this every day. Here are 5 key goals which we strive to meet with excellence.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

The new EU GDPR came in force on the 25th May 2018, these regulations make changes to the current Data Protection Laws in the UK.

Smart meter data

Smart meters are the next generation of electricity and gas meters and have a number of advantages over conventional meters.

Delivering value for money

Our service makes up around 17% of your energy bill, that's 27p a day. 

Guaranteed standards

Guaranteed standards of service must be met by each distribution company. These standards have been set by OFGEM to guarantee a level of service that is reasonable to expect companies to deliver in all cases.

Meter Point Administration Service (MPAS)

Need to know who supplies the electricity to your property? Or your what your Meter Point Administration Number (MPAN) is?

Community energy

Community energy covers aspects of collective action to reduce, purchase, manage and generate energy.


We recognise our responsibility to operate in a way that minimises our impact on the environment.

Community support

Our staff who work for WPD also live in the communities we serve, and so we have developed our support to directly benefit local organisations.

Health & safety

Your safety and that of our employees is a priority. Read more about what we do to ensure our business activity is fundamentally safe.

Energy saving tips

Here are a few ways you can save energy and money.

In This Together - Community Matters Fund

This fund is aimed at helping local communities throughout the coronavirus outbreak. 

Your Power Future

Get involved and find out all about our stakeholder engagement programme. 

Performance reporting - RIIO-ED1

Here you'll find an overview of our performance in various different categories including safety and network reliability. 

Connection customer engagement

Customer engagement is vital to continuously improve our connections services.

Our RIIO-ED1 Business Plan

Our Business Plan sets out a view of our future and has been influenced by engagement with our stakeholders. 

Customer Engagement Group

This is an independent group, designed to offer robust challenges to our proposals

Our consultation process

Our customers pay for all we do so have a right to expect a high standard of service and have confidence that we are delivering.

RIIO Accounts

RIIO stands for Revenues = Incentives + Innovation + Outputs.

DSO Information for local and rural stakeholders

How is Western Power Distribution helping our local and rural customers meet Net Zero.

Customer awareness

We want our customers to know who we are and what we do.