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Our Network

Our network consists of 220,000 km of overhead lines and underground cables, and 185,000 substations.

Electricity is carried countrywide via the National Grid at 275,000 or 400,000 volts. It is reduced to 132,000 volts for regional distribution at substations known as Grid Supply Points. From there it is disseminated to further substations via overhead lines or underground cables at 132,000 volts. The voltage is reduced again to 33,000 volts and then to 11,000 volts.

This distribution network then carries electricity to individual towns and villages throughout the Midlands, South West and Wales where distribution substations transform the voltage to 230 volts.

Investing in our network

We are making big investments in our network to ensure the lights are kept on!

Energy data hub

Here you'll find all of the existing data that WPD currently share with the industry, regulator and the customer.

Network strategy

 Assessing subtransmission network impact of future changes in demand and generation.

Long term development

We're always thinking of the future and the long term developments of our network.

Green Recovery call for evidence

Through the ENA, GB Distribution Network Operators (DNOs) are launching a 6 week call for evidence for sites in each distribution network area where there is expected to be significant green activity.

Distribution area

Do we distribute electricity to you? Use our handy search facility to find out.

LGA/LEP liaison for network development

We are opening up channels of engagement around capacity and infrastructure with local authorities and local partnerships.

Public consultations on overhead lines (s.37) planning applications

Here you can view all of Western Power Distribution’s current Section 37 planning notices forming part of the public consultation process for 132kV power lines.

Information about our network, including maps on the layout of generation and capacity and resources on our network development.

Network plans and information

We have a range of network asset data accessible by third parties through a variety of services. 

Network capacity map

The network capacity map provides an indication of the networks capability to connect large-scale developments to major substations.

Health & safety

Safety is of paramount importance and we are committed to providing a safe and reliable electricity distribution supply while minimising the impact of our operations on the environment.

Statement of works

Information on the 'Statement of Works' that WPD submits to the National Grid.

Distributed generation EHV constraint maps

Here you can find an overview map of our EHV networks (33kV and above), highlighting those circuits which are operating at or near their limits for the connection of any further Distributed Generation (DG).

Generation capacity register

A register listing generators that are connected to our network, or which are in the process of applying for connection.

System wide resource register

A register listing connected resources and network services, including generation and storage resources and flexibility services.


We're committed to driving down customer costs and carbon emissions and we're doing as much as possible to reduce losses.

Active Network Management (ANM)

In areas where there are multiple complex constraints affecting a number of customers over a long time period, an Active Network Management (ANM) system will be implemented.

Use of system charges

These pages provide useful information for electricity suppliers and major users about our charges for use of system, metering and others.

Loss of Mains

Distribution Network Owners and National Grid ESO are teaming up through the accelerated loss of mains change programme to accelerate compliance with new requirements in the Distribution Code.

Distribution code

Here you will find information on the distribution codes of licensed electricity distribution operators of Great Britain.

Location of WPD's equipment

Never take chances if you're planning to work near our equipment, we're here to help you before you start the process.