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LGA/LEP Liaison for Network Development

This Government has ambitious plans for creating new homes and businesses across the UK. To make this happen significant investment is required in infrastructure such as transport links and provision of utilities. We understand that bringing electricity to a new or regenerated development is a key requirement and that Local Government Associations (LGA) and Local Enterprise Partnerships (LEP) need a reasonable level of certainty when it comes to existing network capability and potential network extension and reinforcement costs. Without this level of certainty it can be extremely difficult for LGAs and LEPs to take a strategic approach and plan for infrastructure provision.

We want to help LGAs, working together with LEPs, so that they can make a better economic appraisal and project forward looking plans for delivery. In this respect we want to open up better channels of engagement for discussions around capacity and infrastructure requirements for both long-term planning and more immediate planning requirements, and engage in dialogue so that the LGAs and LEPs can make informed decisions.

There are a number of ways that this can be achieved, and by visiting the links below you will find all of the relevant information that you require to make such decisions:

  • Here you will find all of the existing data that WPD currently share with the industry, regulator and customer. Click here to access the page.

  • We have a Network Strategy Team specifically tasked with assessing the sub-transmission network impact of future changes in demand and generation. We have modelled different growth scenarios out as far as 2030 to better understand what the impact on the network might be. For further information click here.

  • If you would like to talk to us about a specific project in advance of an application being made, we can offer a connection appointment with a local engineer. This may be a telephone call or face to face meeting. More information can be found here.  

  • Every year we hold workshops covering a wide range of topics including connections, held at various locations across all 4 of our license areas. If you would like to register as a stakeholder please click here and we will send you a ‘no obligation’ invite to our next event.

  • For those customers that we deal with on a regular basis we offer them the opportunity to request a dedicated senior manager point of contact. The role of the manager is to liaise with the customer to understand the range and scope of works they propose to undertake with us and to act as a senior escalation point of contact to quickly resolve issues. If you would like to request a senior manager point of contact please click here.

  • If you have a generic query relating to your long term planning strategy and would like to know how WPD may provide electrical infrastructure we will be pleased to discuss the matter with you on an informal basis. To initiate a request please click here. We will contact you to discuss your query or set up a face to face meeting.


We recently held a series of webinars aimed at Local Planning Officers across our regions. These can now be viewed here.