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Smart Metering

Welcome to WPD Smart Metering. We work with businesses across the UK, providing metering solutions to help them manage their energy effectively.

Our meters record detailed energy consumption and share this data with customers putting them in control of their energy consumption.

Deciding on your own metering provider is a smart business decision that will enable lower energy costs and an improved carbon impact.

Who we are

Western Power Distribution’s field metering, revenue protection and meter reading business in South Wales, and field metering services in South West England have been consolidated to trade as WPD Smart Metering.

The business is an independent meter operator, and is not aligned to any electricity supply company.

With a team of 72 staff across  East and West Midlands, South West England and South Wales, the business is developing successfully in a small, but growing competitive market.

Although based at WPD's head office in Bristol, Smart Metering is very much a nationwide business with a large number of its customers outside WPD's South West and South Wales electricity distribution regions.

What we do

WPD's Smart Metering team installs and maintains a new generation of meters across the UK - clever technology that enables a range of businesses to manage their energy use. It also delivers a safe, quality after-service.

The meters provide two-way access to information and accurate billing.

What are Smart Meters?

A Smart Meter is state-of-the-art equipment that records detailed energy consumption remotely. It relays the information back to customers accurately showing a half-hourly profile of their energy use.

This information can be sent to web services and emails so that customers are informed of their energy consumption promptly. Armed with this information customers can manage their usage more effectively, and save money.

The system is so effective that if the lights were left on in a building overnight it would trigger an email to the customer - because the energy consumption had risen above certain levels.



Contact us

For further information about the range of smart metering services we can provide please contact:

WPD Smart Metering
Feeder Road

Tel: 0345 744 8900
Email us!