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Community energy useful information

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Useful links

For more information on all things Community Energy, see the links below:

Community Energy England  
Community Energy Wales  

You'll find all the resources you might need - from getting started and devoloping projects, to financial and legal guidance - along with project maps and upcoming events via the Community Energy Hub.

For information on recent projects, news stories and helpful publications, see Regen's community energy pages.

Useful WPD Links

The Carbon Tracer - The available generation within the network changes all the time so that the overall mix is in a constant state of change. This is shown by the Carbon Tracer.

Carbon Tracer API  - The data used by the Carbon Tracer App and Website is also accessible via API (program) access using the Carbon Portal API code utility set. 

Flexible Power - Flexible Power has been created by Western Power Distribution to deliver the procurement of demand response services. By understanding this we can look at a more flexible future. 

Network Capacity Map - The network capacity map provides an indication of the networks capability to connect large-scale developments to major substations. The colour gradings are intended to guide the user to areas of the network where a connection is more likely to be achieved without significant reinforcement. This data is now downloadable. 

Network Flexibility Map - The Network Flexibility Map has been developed to display where our network is currently seeking flexibility, or may seek it in the future. 

Electric Vehicle Capacity Map - One element of our plan to accommodate electric vehicles on our network is to make use of existing capacity. We have reviewed this capacity at a street by street level using our local distribution substations. We assessed the available capacity at each site and have represented this as a generic level of EV charging capacity. Within this map you can sign up for data updates and soon you will be able to access the raw data. 

Investment Map - We are constantly carrying out works to maintain and improve the network yet, the large one-off projects that we commission tend to get reported more often. However, we believe that the smaller, local projects are just as important and have detailed a selection of projects that are planned and being completed in 2019 and 2020.

Smarter Networks - As we transition to becoming a Distribution System Operator (DSO), and we take on additional roles within the developing energy system these roles will require an increased level of coordination with existing operators and consumers, as well as the creation of new forms of coordination with emerging energy system participants. This new section is designed to help navigate customers through the changing energy system. 

Latest News

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