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A gas which is used throughout our industry as an insulating medium in switchgear, SF6 provides many tangible benefits however it is a potent greenhouse gas. There are currently no viable alternative gasses to SF6 and so it is replaced when necessary on a like for like basis.

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The volume of SF6 leaked annually is very small at less than 0.6% and has decreased from the reported leak rate in 2017/18 but is still above our ED1 target leak rate.

Actual percentage loss of SF6 to total bank of SF6 on the WPD network

The weight of SF6 emitted annually has increased slightly on the 2017/18 reported data.

Emission data is collated from the following data sources:

  • SF6 top-up figures as reported on our company asset database  
  • Scrapped units returned empty to our company plant centres
  • Units returned empty to manufacturers

Annual SF6 emissions (kg)

* Includes all top-ups, units returned to manufacturers’ and scrapped units