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We continue to work closely with all of our waste contractors ensuring that where possible waste streams are diverted from landfill and that we always apply the principle of the waste hierarchy.

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We are managing our waste better in terms of the waste hierarchy and the percentage of this waste which has been disposed to landfill has significantly reduced to approximately 14%, the vast majority of our waste is now recycled or recovered at waste to energy plants.

Going forward we must target the tonnage of waste we receive and produce across our business and reduce the actual tonnage of waste in the first instance before focusing on the amount of waste being reused, recycled or recovered. We will specifically:

  • Liaise with our manufacturers and suppliers to identify opportunities to reduce the amount of packaging and embedded waste entering our business.
  • Work with our Purchasing Team to ensure that waste reduction initiatives are a key requirement of future contracts where applicable.
  • Continue to work with our waste contractors to identify alternative disposal routes for our waste, increasing the amount of waste we recycle and reduce further our reliance on both landfill and recovery disposal