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Be a bright spark - stay safe on Bonfire Night

Bonfire Night revellers are being reminded to keep fireworks and bonfires away from power lines and substations, to make sure it’s a night to remember for the right reasons.


Anyone hosting a bonfire party should always check for any electrical equipment or power lines when planning their event, whether it is a large community celebration or a family gathering in a back garden.

WPD Health and Safety Adviser Eddie Cochrane said: “It is vital that people are aware of the dangers around them when they are planning bonfires and firework displays – and that includes the dangers posed by electrical equipment.

“It is always a good idea to plan the event in daylight to make sure you are well away from power lines and other electrical hazards. On a windy night, flames and sparks can easily be blown onto overhead power lines and may cause power cuts or electrical surges.”

Electricity can also jump gaps - this means that serious injury can occur even without coming into direct contact with electrical equipment.

If bonfire organisers become aware of any damage to our electrical apparatus or believe an item has gone into one of its substations, they should always keep well clear and call 0800 6783 105. One of our engineers will then attend to ensure everyone stays safe. This number can also be used for any concerns or advice prior to an event.

Top safety tips

  1. Try to plan bonfire celebrations in advance, preferably in daylight, when electrical hazards are more visible;
  2. Do not light bonfires under, or close to, power lines. Smoke and heat from bonfires can damage power lines and cause power cuts or electrical surges, as well as posing a danger to anyone nearby;
  3. Remember the wind can blow flames and sparks onto overhead power lines so always keep bonfires and fireworks well away from electrical equipment;
  4. Electricity can jump gaps – so always keep a safe distance;
  5. Look out, look up – and enjoy bonfire night!
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