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Ele-phantastic makeover inspired by town’s circus history

Have you herd? An unloved electricity substation that was a frequent target for vandals has been given an eye-catching elephant makeover.

The substation at Jephson Gardens, Leamington Spa, Warwickshire, had to be cleaned regularly to remove unwanted graffiti – until a local arts organisation came to the rescue.

Previously painted white, the building has now been transformed by a colourful mural depicting three elephants. The design was inspired by the elephants who were famously brought to live in the town in the 1800s by a local circus family.

Wayne Byrne, WPD team manager for South West Warwickshire, said: “We got thoroughly fed up of cleaning the graffiti off the building every few weeks so, when it was suggested that we commission some artwork, it seemed like the obvious solution.

“I think the finished result is excellent. The building looks fantastic and we have had lots of positive feedback from local people.”

The elephants were designed and painted by Brink Contemporary Arts.

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