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Flexible Power - the first year in numbers

In the first year of operation our Flexible Power services have benefitted more than 395,000 customers according to a report summarising its activities in 2018.

In 2018 we announced we were rolling out the procurement of flexibility services to support areas of our network that have been identified as having technical constraints.  

Page 1 of our 2018 flexibility report.  To view the full document click here.

Access to flexible services increases the network’s available capacity without having to build it larger. This means we can reduce overall network expenditure, resulting in a wider saving to all our customers. In turn, businesses that can be flexible with their existing assets have the ability to earn extra money.  

Ben Godfrey, WPDs Network Strategy Manager said: "In our first year operating flexibility solutions as an alternative to traditional reinforcement we have made substantial progress towards our flexibility first commitment and we are well positioned to continue growing our flexibility offerings. We’re procuring flexibility in new zones throughout 2019, and we’ve signposted requirements for future new zones up to 2024.  We’ll continue to provide a report on our flexibility activities each year, which will hopefully be reflective of this growth."

We are committed to rolling out Flexible Power across our network.  

Q1 of 2019 saw 12 zones released for procurement: potential participants need to register their interest by responding to our procurement notice which is available here.

Further zones are planned for procurement in Q3 2019. If you want to be informed of Flexible Power’s activities you can register for updates on the Flexible Power website.

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