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We have concluded our latest flexibility procurement round

We have published the results of our latest flexibility tender on the Flexible Power website, awarding further flexibility contracts under the latest version of the Open Network common flexibility contract.

We have been tendering for Flexibility over regular six monthly intervals since 2018. Following this round, our total contracted flexibility now stands at 456.5MW across 56 constraint locations and further increases the amount of flexibility we are using to support our distribution network, which in 19/20 was used to defer £39.4m of reinforcement expenditure.

Zenobe Energy Ltd were among the successful tenderers, they intend to begin providing flexibility service via battery storage.

James Basden, Founder and Director of Zenobe said:

“We are thrilled to have been awarded one of the latest flexibility contracts by WPD. Zenobe’s innovative battery solutions are industry leading, adapting to the complex needs of the UK’s DNOs, offering them the flexibility they need to operate at an elevated level.

Zenobe is proud to be supporting this sector leading initiative, helping to stabilise the nation’s distribution networks. This investment highlights the vital role battery storage plays and will continue to play in the future of energy.”

This round also sees the first contracts put in place using the Energy Networks Association's latest Standard Flexibility Agreement which was published last month after being developed though the Open Networks project. The standard agreement will be adopted by all UK DNOs with a view to provide simplicity and transparency to providers contracting into UK distribution flexibility services.

We have now published a timeline for our next cycle of procurement;

  • 28th June 2021 – requirements published
  • 2nd August 2021 – ITT issued
  • 10th September 2021 – ITT Deadline
  • 1st October 2021 – Procurement results

Flex providers who are interest in participating in this round need to register their interest by responding to our procurement notice which is available here.

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