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LV Sensors

DurationDec 2011 - Jun 2013
  • South Wales

Project Description

As UK distribution networks migrate to a smarter grid, there is an increasing requirement to improve the visibility of the Low Voltage (LV) distribution network. There is currently limited monitoring of the LV network and as customers change their usage habits and more renewable generation connects to the network, it is vital that we are aware of and understand the impact it will have.

As part of our Tier 2 Network Templates project, we conducted a consultation with the other DNOs to see if there were alternative methods of obtaining current measurements without the need for customer interruption. UK Power Networks (UKPN) was separately investigating commercially available LV monitoring solutions that do not require customers to be interrupted during installation.

The LV Sensor project has been established as a joint Tier 1 scheme between WPD and UK Power Networks to test and share learning associated with evaluating a range of off-the-shelf LV monitoring solutions.

Areas of Work

The project evaluated a range of LV monitoring solutions under laboratory conditions at the National Physical Laboratory and in the field on low voltage networks, equipping at total of 28 substations with sensors from seven different manufacturers.


Project Partners


UK Power Networks, National Physical Laboratory