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We're making progress with our Net Zero Communities Strategy

Working closely with local authorities and communities is key to delivering a net zero carbon future. Our Net Zero Communities Strategy, which has been draw...


Working to keep energy secure and safe during local lockdowns in Wales

The utility firms responsible for the energy networks in South Wales affected by the new coronavirus lockdowns have joined forces to reassure the local commu...


New digitalisation strategy will aid delivery of net zero

We’ve launched our digitalisation strategy as part of our ongoing commitment to help deliver net zero. The strategy outlines how we’re using the latest di...


On World EV Day, CEO calls for action to achieve EV dream

Action must be taken now to speed up the creation of an electric vehicle (EV) charging network, to unlock the power of EVs and help meet the UK’s net zero ta...


Major investment project for Derby

A £4million investment scheme has begun to rebuild parts of Derby’s electricity network in response to an anticipated surge in demand. The work will involve...


Latest Flexible Power News

Latest News Flexibility: The Smart Way Forward For the first time flexibility has been received from domestic customers in Lincolnshire whose supplier is O...