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Planned interruptions

From time to time Western Power Distribution carries out work in the electricity distribution system, for example, to maintain the electricity network or to connect new supplies. Inevitably this means electricity supplies have to be interrupted for practical and safety reasons until this work is completed.


Whilst we always endeavour to carry out our work with the minimum amount of inconvenience to our customers, there will be times when we have no choice but to interrupt the electricity supply. Even in these cases we try to opt for the times which are best for the majority of our customers, but because of our extensive rolling work programme, this is not always possible.

What can you do?

  • Keep a torch handy and make sure you check its batteries
  • Keep your freezer door shut while the electricity supply is off
  • Make up flasks with hot drinks and food for use during the supply interruption

Planned Interruptions

Alternative electricity supplies

If you need an alternative electricity supply, it may be possible to hire a generator from an electrical contractor.

Should you decide to hire a generator, for safety reasons it is essential that it is connected by a qualified electrician. Remember, the quality of the electricity supply provided by a generator may not be as high as that of the main supply.

Business customers

Commercial freezers will only tolerate a short interruption of the electricity supply and if you have an open freezer it is advisable to empty it or make arrangements for an alternative electricity supply.

If you have a business where telephone services are vital, remember to check if your system will operate when the electricity is switched off.